Try to imagine an hypothetical triangle made by the sun of Amalfi Coast, the good air of Irpinia’s hills and the vital energy of Vesuvio.

Have you imagined it?

Well, Delikatesse s.r.l. found its natural habitat in the centre of this triangle.

Since 1991 this factory dedicates itself to handcrafted production of a great range of products such as ready-made sauces, vegan mayo, jams, handmade stuffed olive, in extra virgin olive oil vegetables, a truffle line, etc.

Passion for local raw materials, focus on traditional recipes and respect for handcrafted production mixed up with proactive view are our main goals.

We have always wanted to test new ways and we have always desired to guarantee to our customers the most refined flavours, so in these years we have realized an organical line.

Biodeli’ is our organic line.

So now we have a conventional line, an organic line and our third party production.

And now that we have introduced ourself you just need to take your time to taste our specialities.

We are sure they will not disappointe you.

Let’s this journey into taste begins…