Delikatesse is an Italian company of food specialities founded in Campania in1991.
The Campania region for the beauties of its nature, the mild climate, the fertility of its lands was named by ancients with the appellative of Campania Felix.
Here Nero spent long holiday periods in his luxurious residence on the sea of Baia in the Gulf of Naples and Tiberius emperor ruled Rome from his Palace on the Capri
Isle, Ischia, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Pompei, Paestum, Palinuro, names very famous all around the world of charming places where the story has passed through and they are now entered the myth.
Campania Felix was, since ancient times, land of the olive tree and of the grape.
Pliny the Elder, in his famous Naturalis Historia, published in the 77 a.C. dedicates to this land a lots of pages, describing with care the locations and the products. The secular olives trees of Cilento and of Irpinia; the long, huge, expanse vineyard from which are produced the Fiano wine, Greco, Falerno, Aglianico of Tiburno, loved and extolled wines by ancient Roman, Princes of the Renaissance and Bourbon Kings; wines that still nowadays, after two thousands years , are among the most prestigious of Italy and known all around the world.
After the Discovery of America and the introduction in Europe of the tomato, this has found in Campania his motherland, with his ideal eco-system, so ideal for his cultivation to become a pillar of the economy, so to be defined “the red gold”.
In this land, in the nice small town of Roccapiemonte, situated in the heart of the ancient Feudo Ravaschieri, in the middle of the magic triangle among the Amalfi Coast, the Irpinia Hills and the great flat at the foot of the Vesuvius, the two brothers Sessa, for culture and traditions lovers of the good things, have dedicated themselves for twenty years with love and passion to the production of food specialities of high gastronomy. A rich set of creams, sauces, traditional sauces to dress the pasta, a wide range of sott’oli vegetables, of seasons for fresh salads, of many jams and dessert. Of absolute relief ere the products line dedicated to the truffles. The “King of the table”, the “Diamond of the cooking”, picked in Campania in the forest of Irpinia, of the Massy of the Matese, of the National Park of Cilento; it is proposed both fresh and transformed in a diversify variety of manufacturing, some in combination with porcini truffles. Truffle and Porcini Mushroom : a royal bridal.
In the catalogue of Delikatesse Company there are products that are of particular importance: the Paté of orange green olives, black truffle almonds Creams, black truffle Baby peaches, the Pepper jams, of Red onions, of wild elder, the Aglianico wine, the Chest nuts in balsamic vinegar, the Raisin in balsamic vinegar.
Really unique Specialities for the appetizing refinement of the gastronomic choice and the deliciousness of the taste.
The excellence of Delikatesse products is the result of a high quality processing:
The accurate choice of the raw material, the direct control and the strict selection during the gathering phase of fresh products, the use of the most modern technologies together with the care of the homemade processing; all this maintains the inner soul of the ancient traditions.